Spirit, Justice, Mutual Aid, Healing and Survival

A number of ideas have come together for me lately. So, I’ve taken some time to write the following, putting them all together. The PDF of Spirit, Justice, Mutual Aid, Healing and Survival can be found below. There is a button to download the PDF. This is the link to the same PDF document online: … Continue reading Spirit, Justice, Mutual Aid, Healing and Survival

Martin Luther King and Mutual Aid

For the past three years my justice work has focused on Mutual Aid. (See: https://quakersandreligioussocialism.com/mutual-aid/ ) On this Martin Luther King Day, I’m sharing some questions (queries) related to Mutual Aid. And photos I’ve taken of the Martin Luther King Memorial in Washington, DC. Queries about Mutual Aid Jeff Kisling Mutual aid means something more … Continue reading Martin Luther King and Mutual Aid

Transformative Mutual Aid Practices Part 2

This is a continuation of yesterday’s blog post, Transformative Mutual Aid Practices. I’m truly blessed to have almost three years of experience in my Mutual Aid community. It’s because of the support I’ve received from this community that I can relate to these ideas of transformative mutual aid. [A note to people of faith. From … Continue reading Transformative Mutual Aid Practices Part 2

Transformative Mutual Aid Practices

This was a morning when I didn’t seem to be led to write anything. Then, as I was searching using the keywords prefigurative and mutual aid I found references to Transformative Mutual Aid Practices. I’ve just recently become aware of traumas I hadn’t known I was suffering from. My Des Moines Mutual Aid community practices … Continue reading Transformative Mutual Aid Practices

Prefigurative societies and mutual aid

I recently wrote about the article, Prefigurative Societies in movement by Marina Sitrin, Popular Resistance, December 21, 2022. It begins “something new is happening – something new in content, depth, breadth and global consistency. Societies around the world are in movement.” [Note: I try to avoid using so many quotations, to speak from my own experience … Continue reading Prefigurative societies and mutual aid

Buffalo Rebellion Community Call: Great Plains Action Society and Mutual Aid

Recently I wrote about our Buffalo Rebellion Community Call. That post focused on all the things Jaylen Cavil told us about the work of the Des Moines Black Liberation Collective. https://quakersandreligioussocialism.com/2022/12/14/buffalo-rebellion-community-call-des-moines-black-liberation/ Also, during that call, my friend Sikowis spoke of some of the extensive work of the Great Plains Action Society (GPAS). She recently wrote … Continue reading Buffalo Rebellion Community Call: Great Plains Action Society and Mutual Aid

Mutual Aid now

Yesterday I wrote Faith Now and suggested Mutual Aid as a framework for faith now. So, I’ll describe more of my experiences with Mutual Aid. I’ve spent the last couple of years involved in Des Moines Mutual Aid (DMMA). Much of what I’ve learned can be found here: https://quakersandreligioussocialism.com/mutual-aid/ The are several reasons for my … Continue reading Mutual Aid now

Mutual Aid and Ways of War

The reason I haven’t published anything for a while is because I’ve been working on a presentation about Mutual Aid that I plan to give when my Quaker yearly meeting, Iowa Yearly Meeting (Conservative) meets this week. It’s been helpful for me to organize my thoughts about Mutual Aid, something that’s become the center of … Continue reading Mutual Aid and Ways of War

Paradox of Mutual Aid

In response to a recent article I wrote, Ideological commitment to destroying life on Earth, there was an objection, that simply changing to another political system will not result in the changes we need. I had quoted George Monbiot. “Until we change our political systems, making it impossible for the rich to buy the decisions they … Continue reading Paradox of Mutual Aid

Indigenous, Quaker Mutual Aid

We’re at the intersection of so many things we could once rely on and have no choice but to find different ways to move into the future. We’re bewildered by the collapse of so many things we took for granted. Such as our political, education, healthcare, and economic systems. Our communities, including family, neighborhoods, and … Continue reading Indigenous, Quaker Mutual Aid