Family of Manuel Teran demands GBI release info 

There continues to be no public police response to the killing of Manuel Esteban Paez Teran. A private autopsy found they had been shot at least thirteen times. Their body was so badly mangled the exact count could not be made. (See other posts about this: ) DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. (WUPA) – The family … Continue reading Family of Manuel Teran demands GBI release info 

A dangerous trend toward authoritarianism

The killing of Tortuguita scares me. As an environmental activist, I often participate with my friends in public actions to try to bring attention to our evolving environmental crisis. I’ve realized for years that white privilege meant I didn’t feel particularly threatened by police during such actions in the past. I don’t think my Black, … Continue reading A dangerous trend toward authoritarianism

No Cop Academy-Chicago

It’s clear what it means when the establishment proposes dramatically expanding the militarization of police as their response to police brutality and killings. There is a web of interconnections between the killing of Manuel Esteban Paez Terán (Tortuguita), who was resisting the plan to build “Cop City” in Atlanta, resistance to a police academy in … Continue reading No Cop Academy-Chicago

“Stop Cop City” solidarity

Solidarity rallies are spreading throughout the country in response to the killing of Manuel Teran (Tortuguita) on January 18th. Rallies In Solidarity with Fight to Stop ‘Cop City’ Spread After Police Murder Forest Defender Across the US, people held vigils to mourn the police murder of forest defender, Manuel Teran, 26, also known as Tortuguita, on … Continue reading “Stop Cop City” solidarity

Movement to Stop Cop City grows

What do you think about “Cop City”? Cop City is a proposed $90 million, 300-acre police training compound backed by the Atlanta Police Foundation. It will be the largest police training facility in the US, to include a mock city where police will train with firearms, tear gas, helicopters, and explosive devices to repress protest … Continue reading Movement to Stop Cop City grows

We lost someone unnecessarily to police violence

How do you feel about the police shooting treesitter Manuel Teran (Tortuguita) in Atlanta? I’ve been wondering why I felt so much sorrow about this. Some of the statements below have shed some light on this. My whole life I have been in resistance to capitalism and the state. I quickly learned there were such … Continue reading We lost someone unnecessarily to police violence


Doesn’t it seem that we are in a time when many swollen tributaries are coming together, causing massive flooding? Not only literally from environmental chaos. While I’ve been devasted by the killing of land defender Manuel Teran Tortuguita in Atlanta, there is the emerging story of yet another police murder, that of Tyre Nichols in … Continue reading Confluence

Modern-Day Lynchings

Modern-Day Lynchings Last week I visited the National Memorial for Peace and Justice and the Legacy Museum in Montgomery, AL.  Together, they memorialize the legacy of enslaved Black people, especially the victims of racial terror lynchings in the United States. I realized then that racial terror lynchings still exist today, though they have shape shifted. Lynchings still exist today when … Continue reading Modern-Day Lynchings

Killing and Criminalizing Activists

Do you know about the appalling frequency of the killing of environmental protesters globally? And the accelerating trend of new laws defining fossil fuel infrastructure as “critical infrastructure” to justify charges of terrorism against even nonviolent protestors? Monday 13 September, 2021 – A report released today reveals that 227 land and environmental activists were murdered in 2020 for defending … Continue reading Killing and Criminalizing Activists

Do you trust the police?

There continue to be conflicting versions about the first killing of an environmental activist in this country, Manuel Teran “Tortuguita”. I am also an environmental activist. So many times, the initial versions of police killings from the police have proven to be false. In this case the police say Tortuguita fired at them. Do you … Continue reading Do you trust the police?