Survivors of Carbon pipeline explosion tell their stories

Last night I listened to the horrifying stories of three people who survived the explosion of a carbon pipeline in Satartia, Missisippi. One survivor suffered significant memory loss. Another has worsening asthma. Food and Water Watch Iowa and the Iowa Chapter of Sierra Club sponsored the event. Dan Zegart, who wrote the HUFFPOST article referenced … Continue reading Survivors of Carbon pipeline explosion tell their stories

Nothing like how most of us currently live and work

It is humbling to realize mistakes I’ve made over the course of many years. In the 1970’s, when I moved to Indianapolis, the foul air from automobile exhaust convinced me I could not add to the environmental damage, and I was led by the Spirit to live without a car since. People of faith believe … Continue reading Nothing like how most of us currently live and work

Willow Project

Will the existential threat of environmental devastation ever be taken seriously by capitalist countries? Approval of the Willow Project is just the latest decision that will result in the emission of tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Another recent decision by the Biden administration was the release of millions of barrels of oil from … Continue reading Willow Project

Quakers and Change

Quakers have a long history of working for justice and social change. But what do we (Quakers) do when we realize change is necessary now? Throughout our history we have been led to see we are implicated in injustice. “Led” means the Spirit has shown what the injustices are, and what changes should be made. … Continue reading Quakers and Change

Moribund imperialism vs successful socialism led by China

What do you know about China? I’m beginning to learn how little I know. I’m just beginning to learn about socialism with Chinese characteristics, so I don’t know how successful socialism is there. I recently wrote about a new text called Eight Contradictions in the Imperialist ‘Rules-Based Order’, (see: Contradictions of the Imperialist ‘Rules-Based Order’). I have … Continue reading Moribund imperialism vs successful socialism led by China

Contradictions of the Imperialist ‘Rules-Based Order’

Have your views about our environmental situation changed? It is more difficult to deny environmental damage in the face of all kinds of climate chaos occurring globally. Did you know the U.S. Military emits more carbon dioxide than many nations? This leads to an existential paradox. If we are ever going to begin to mitigate … Continue reading Contradictions of the Imperialist ‘Rules-Based Order’

Epic battle

The battle to stop construction of the proposed militarized police training facility being referred to as “Cop City” in the Atlanta Forest has many components. Militarized policing At this time of endless instances of militarized policing the last thing we need is a facility to train police to use these tactics. To train police from … Continue reading Epic battle

Pause and Transform

I recently attended a Zoom meeting hosted by the Climate Mobilization Network. I was interested because I’ve been following the Climate Mobilization Network’s work for years. They articulate what has not been working and that they are looking into different strategies that might be successful. I was especially interested to discover their emphasis on Mutual … Continue reading Pause and Transform

No Cop City Anywhere

Simultaneously, as the climate warms, as storms and disasters worsen, as infrastructure crumbles, and as more and more people are left jobless and houseless, the true reason the political class pumps ever more resources into militarization is being revealed: It’s not to protect against some so-called ​“crime wave” the corporate media constantly fear mongers about, but … Continue reading No Cop City Anywhere


Doesn’t it seem that we are in a time when many swollen tributaries are coming together, causing massive flooding? Not only literally from environmental chaos. While I’ve been devasted by the killing of land defender Manuel Teran Tortuguita in Atlanta, there is the emerging story of yet another police murder, that of Tyre Nichols in … Continue reading Confluence