Hazardous liquid carbon pipelines

There are many reasons why carbon, or CO2 pipelines, should not be built. Some I’ve written: https://quakersandreligioussocialism.com/?s=carbon+co2 My friend Mahmud Fitil maintains the Facebook group Iowa Carbon Pipeline Resistance Coalition @NoCCSIowa. Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is not the answer to the climate emergency. CCS is unproven, dangerous and delays real solutions to the climate … Continue reading Hazardous liquid carbon pipelines

Iowa Carbon Pipeline Resistance

It was predictable that ridiculous schemes would appear now that the public can no longer ignore environmental chaos beginning to occur in so many, increasingly devastating ways. Learning the cause of these climate catastrophes is greenhouse gas emissions from burning fossil fuels, the public is desperately calling for ways to reduce those emissions now. The … Continue reading Iowa Carbon Pipeline Resistance

Carbon pipeline opposition

WOW. This is the front page of today’s Des Moines Register and part of that story can be found below. After years of resisting pipelines, beginning in 2013 with the Keystone Pledge of Resistance, I am cautiously optimistic we might stop these carbon pipelines. Clearly there is much more attention paid to, and resistance from … Continue reading Carbon pipeline opposition

Survivors of Carbon pipeline explosion tell their stories

Last night I listened to the horrifying stories of three people who survived the explosion of a carbon pipeline in Satartia, Missisippi. One survivor suffered significant memory loss. Another has worsening asthma. Food and Water Watch Iowa and the Iowa Chapter of Sierra Club sponsored the event. Dan Zegart, who wrote the HUFFPOST article referenced … Continue reading Survivors of Carbon pipeline explosion tell their stories

Multiple Strategies

Yesterday was another episode in the saga of not only carbon pipelines but Indigenous rights more broadly. There is increasing pressure from many places to use the idea of carbon capture and storage to meet the goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The Biden administration is supporting this unproven technology, which even if it worked … Continue reading Multiple Strategies

Pause and Transform

I recently attended a Zoom meeting hosted by the Climate Mobilization Network. I was interested because I’ve been following the Climate Mobilization Network’s work for years. They articulate what has not been working and that they are looking into different strategies that might be successful. I was especially interested to discover their emphasis on Mutual … Continue reading Pause and Transform

Pipeline┬áResistance: Landowner Harassment and Field Damage

Yesterday I wrote an introduction to one of the key elements of the Buffalo Rebellion’s work that was discussed during a recent community call via Zoom, i.e. carbon (CO2) pipeline resistance. The call was to build upon this new coalition’s first year of work together, and plans for the future. Resistance to the proposed carbon … Continue reading Pipeline┬áResistance: Landowner Harassment and Field Damage

Buffalo Rebellion Community Call: Des Moines Black Liberation

I am so glad to be part of the Buffalo Rebellion (See: https://quakersandreligioussocialism.com/buffalo-rebellion/ ) Last night we had a Community Call via Zoom to reflect on the past year, hear updates of work being done, and what the future might hold. The main accomplishments of this year were Using Zoom breakout rooms, we got to … Continue reading Buffalo Rebellion Community Call: Des Moines Black Liberation

Great Plains Action Society and Midwest Quakers

What follows is a history of the development of relationships among people of the Great Plains Action Society (GPAS) and some Quakers in the Midwest. I’ve had a lifelong concern for our environment and always wanted to learn more about Indigenous peoples and their spiritual and sustainable ways of living. But I hadn’t known how … Continue reading Great Plains Action Society and Midwest Quakers