Paradox of Mutual Aid

In response to a recent article I wrote, Ideological commitment to destroying life on Earth, there was an objection, that simply changing to another political system will not result in the changes we need. I had quoted George Monbiot. “Until we change our political systems, making it impossible for the rich to buy the decisions they … Continue reading Paradox of Mutual Aid

Indigenous, Quaker Mutual Aid

We’re at the intersection of so many things we could once rely on and have no choice but to find different ways to move into the future. We’re bewildered by the collapse of so many things we took for granted. Such as our political, education, healthcare, and economic systems. Our communities, including family, neighborhoods, and … Continue reading Indigenous, Quaker Mutual Aid

Mutual Aid and money

The role money plays in Mutual Aid is what I had the most questions about, and the question most often asked of me when I talk about Mutual Aid. The Mutual Aid project I’m involved with is the free food distribution, which has been in place pretty much continuously since the Black Panthers in Des … Continue reading Mutual Aid and money

Native Americans, Quakers and Mutual Aid

The Department of the Interior has released the first volume of the Federal Indian Boarding School Initiative Report. Interior Secretary Deb Haaland first announced the creation of the Initiative last June, with a primary goal of investigating the loss of human life and the lasting consequences of these schools. This report, and ongoing news of … Continue reading Native Americans, Quakers and Mutual Aid

Cuba, disaster preparedness, and Mutual Aid

Cuba Prepares for Disaster by Don Fitz caught my attention for several reasons. Reading the article and watching the video below, I’m astonished by what Cuba has been doing for decades related to our changing climate. The work there implements many of the things I’ve been learning from Mutual Aid and Indigenous ways. Cuba is … Continue reading Cuba, disaster preparedness, and Mutual Aid

Mutual Aid and Revolution

Mutual Aid and Revolution by Andžejs Jenots is another article in the zine I’ve been writing about, We Gather Here Today in Disservice of the State, from Des Moines Mutual Aid (DMMA). I think of Mutual Aid as revolutionary because it represents a paradigm shift from capitalism. I recently wrote Mutual Aid is the Quaker way … Continue reading Mutual Aid and Revolution

Tool Libraries, Circular Economy, and Mutual Aid

Several years ago, a friend in Indianapolis started a tool library. He was supported by the Kheprw Institute community I was involved with. That library included photography equipment. I liked the idea that those who couldn’t afford their own camera being able to check one out for a while. Besides taking personal photos, it could … Continue reading Tool Libraries, Circular Economy, and Mutual Aid

Usefulness of Mutual Aid Against Our Failing Government

There are times when I’m afraid to write certain things. When I fear those I care about will be hurt by what I write. Afraid they will think poorly of me. That was the case yesterday when I wrote “what this means for me is I don’t worry about the dysfunction of the political system. … Continue reading Usefulness of Mutual Aid Against Our Failing Government