Risks of Environmental Activism

As a follow-up to yesterday’s post about bail funds, a fellow Quaker abolitionist told me about the Atlanta Solidarity Fund. Support the Atlanta Solidarity Fund as its organizers face targeted political repression.The National Bail Fund Network is collecting donations for the Atlanta Solidarity Fund on a temporary basis as of May 31, 2023.All funds raised…

Bail Fund Arrests

Have you ever joined a peaceful protest? Aren’t freedom of speech, freedom of assembly worth protecting? Clamping down on such freedoms is essential for any movement toward authoritarianism. And sadly this country is rapidly moving in that direction. These are times that call for peaceful protest. Yesterday I wrote about polycrisis. One of the examples…

Polycrisis: Introduction

As I research environmental and societal collapse, I have begun to see more references to polycrisis. The term defines itself as multiple crises. As globalization created increasingly networked societies to facilitate the flow of information, capital, goods, services, and people, it led to the emergence of global systemic risks that could precipitate a catastrophic failure of the…

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