Mother Earth

Trying to find a title to encompass our evolving environmental catastrophe, I thought about fossil fuel, pipelines, drought, unprecedented fires and storms, destruction of energy infrastructure, and how these fit into the idea of Religious Socialism, I chose Mother Earth, learning this mindset from my native friends.

Don’t Look Down

Don’t Look Down is a spoof of the recent movie Don’t Look Up in which people refuse to acknowledge a meteor heading for earth. That’s what came to me as I’m praying about what to write this morning. One of the things I heard my friend Sikowis say recently was the earth below the surface … Continue reading Don’t Look Down

Carbon pipeline resistance

Today I plan to be in Des Moines for a rally against false climate solutions.( There are several terms related to Carbon Capture and Storage/Sequestration (CCS). I like carbon pipeline resistance. It reminds me of the Keystone Pledge of Resistance that I was deeply involved with when in Indianapolis. A campaign that, after years of … Continue reading Carbon pipeline resistance