Foundational Stories

Recently I was challenged to consider what my foundational stories are, how they began, how they changed over time, and what they are now. I’ve been writing this series of blog posts about these stories, which are related to the intersections between my Quaker faith, protecting Mother Earth, and photography.

Foundational Stories

Faith Now

Faith Now can refer to what the state of our faith is at this moment. And/or it can be an admonition to focus our faith on what is happening now. My witness has been so many people, including people of faith, are driven by the past. This is obviously true with religious practices demanding adherence … Continue reading Faith Now

Walk a Path of Doing the Truth

Truthsgiving is about the holiday known by many non native people as Thanksgiving. A day when families gather together. Family gatherings are wonderful. Unfortunately, the myth of a peaceful gathering of settler colonists and Indigenous peoples comes up. I didn’t think I would write about this today. Didn’t want to bring negativity to joyful gatherings. … Continue reading Walk a Path of Doing the Truth


TRUTHSGIVING is a term my friend Sikowis Nobiss defined in contrast to the inaccurate myth of Thanksgiving.  The Great Plains Action Society she is the founder of created the website:  TRUTHSGIVING. The Truth will not be whitewashed. There are many settler colonial mythologies about Native Americans. These widely held but false beliefs are rooted in … Continue reading TRUTHSGIVING resources


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