Wicked problems and sensemaking

I have so many questions. How can the government do everything it can to increase oil production and exports, when our extinction is assured if greenhouse gas emissions are not radically decreased immediately? How could the atrocities and utter destruction have happened? In Ukraine, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, United States? Wouldn’t nonviolent responses against the invasion … Continue reading Wicked problems and sensemaking

FCNL Witness Wednesday silent reflection

I’m inviting you to join the Friends Committee on National Legislation’s Witness Wednesday Silent Reflection April 6, 2022, from 4:15-5:00pm Central on Zoom.   I will be sharing a story about our Mutual Aid work for reflection. You can read some of my more recent writings about Mutual Aid here: https://quakersandreligioussocialism.com/mutual-aid/ This is the Zoom … Continue reading FCNL Witness Wednesday silent reflection


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