Mutual Aid and money

The role money plays in Mutual Aid is what I had the most questions about, and the question most often asked of me when I talk about Mutual Aid. The Mutual Aid project I’m involved with is the free food distribution, which has been in place pretty much continuously since the Black Panthers in Des … Continue reading Mutual Aid and money

Collapse is already here

This is a continuation of a recent post, the centre cannot hold, and discussion of the article Collapse Is Already Here — And It’s Spreading by umair haque. The reason I follow umair’s writings is because I agree with his analysis of where we are and learn more from him. In this article he talks … Continue reading Collapse is already here

Wicked problems and sensemaking

I have so many questions. How can the government do everything it can to increase oil production and exports, when our extinction is assured if greenhouse gas emissions are not radically decreased immediately? How could the atrocities and utter destruction have happened? In Ukraine, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, United States? Wouldn’t nonviolent responses against the invasion … Continue reading Wicked problems and sensemaking


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