Buffalo Rebellion

To my white friends

I especially hope many of my white friends, especially Quakers, might attend the Fourth of He Lies community potluck. If you are a white person, like me, try to imagine how black, indigenous, and other people of color (BIPOC) feel about all the celebrations and speeches going on now related to the 4th of July. … Continue reading To my white friends

A Love Letter to Y’all

I’m looking forward to being with my Des Moines Mutual Aid (DMMA) friends this morning, for our weekly free grocery store, described below. As a Quaker, I find it particularly interesting that the first public action of DMMA was participation in a peace march. Originally tweeted by Des Moines Mutual Aid (@dsm_mutual_aid) on January 6, 2021. … Continue reading A Love Letter to Y’all

Dangerous disconnect

I’m heeding the suggestion that it isn’t good for young people to continuously hear proclamations of near-term extinction. And nobody really knows what will happen as we move further into environmental devastation and chaos. But there are many things we do know about our evolving environmental disaster. Daily breaking high temperature records for large areas … Continue reading Dangerous disconnect

Whiteness and Quakers

[References to Quakers here pertain to White Quakers. There is little diversity among Quakers in this country.] There are several reasons I’m led to revisit this today. Our Quaker meetings have dwindling numbers of attenders. Most of those remaining are elderly and white. Many meetings do not have new people joining. I continue to hear … Continue reading Whiteness and Quakers


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