Buffalo Rebellion

FCNL, Iowa Quakers and Native Americans

Members of Iowa Yearly Meeting (Conservative) (Quakers) have a long history of involvement with the Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL). FCNL is the national lobbying organization that works to promote legislation consistent with Quaker beliefs in the US Congress. Every two years FCNL contacts all the Quaker meetings and churches in the US, to … Continue reading FCNL, Iowa Quakers and Native Americans

Don’t Look Down

Don’t Look Down is a spoof of the recent movie Don’t Look Up in which people refuse to acknowledge a meteor heading for earth. That’s what came to me as I’m praying about what to write this morning. One of the things I heard my friend Sikowis say recently was the earth below the surface … Continue reading Don’t Look Down

Carbon pipeline resistance

Today I plan to be in Des Moines for a rally against false climate solutions.(https://quakersandreligioussocialism.com/2022/11/08/peacemaking-means-stopping-carbon-capture-and-pipelines/) There are several terms related to Carbon Capture and Storage/Sequestration (CCS). I like carbon pipeline resistance. It reminds me of the Keystone Pledge of Resistance that I was deeply involved with when in Indianapolis. A campaign that, after years of … Continue reading Carbon pipeline resistance

Foundational stories now: Protecting Mother Earth

[My foundational stories are related to the intersections between my Quaker faith, protecting Mother Earth, and photography. My faith led me to try to share my spiritual experiences and show my love for the beauty of Mother Earth through photography.] Yesterday I described where my story related to photography is at this time. Today I write about where … Continue reading Foundational stories now: Protecting Mother Earth


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