Stop Building Obsolete

Obsolete what?

We seem to be in a split-screen moment. Despite growing resignation that environmental chaos will only worsen, we still refuse to make changes that will stop making it worse. That is, we continue to build:

  • Fossil fuel infrastructure
    • gas (fossil fuel) stations
    • highways/bridges/parking structures
    • airports
    • oil rigs
    • pipelines
    • coal mining
    • fracking
    • plastics
    • anything gas powered
      • automobiles, trucks, ships, planes, and trains
      • military equipment
      • lawn mowers, chainsaws, leaf blowers
  • Buildings damaged by storms and erosion on shorelines are rebuilt in the same place
  • Criminal system
    • prisons
      • we need to abolish carceral systems of injustice
    • police training facilities

Before any lasting peace may be achieved, however, the Stop Cop City movement must reverse the current state system that militarized police against its own citizens. This gave rise to the construction of Cop City in the first place.

Andrew Benzinger

How to Stop

  1. Research the project
  2. Who are the decision-makers?
  3. What are ways to influence decision-makers?
    • Engage in dialog
    • Are there laws or regulations that apply?
      • Political lobbying
      • Bring attention to violations of laws/regulations
  4. Build coalitions and networks
  5. Mobilize public opinion
    • Use media, social media, events, campaigns, and other tools to raise awareness, educate and persuade the public about your issue.
    • Encourage people to express their views and take action in support of your cause.

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