CO2 Pipeline Dangers

After nearly a decade of work to resist the Keystone XL, Dakota Access, Coastal GasLink and other fossil fuel pipelines it is so discouraging to witness plan for an entirely new type of pipeline. These pipelines go by several names, including CO2, or Carbon pipelines. They have the potential to do so much damage, represent grave dangers and have already done so.

My friends Rodger Ruth and Mahmud Fitil have an excellent discussion about these pipelines in the video at the end of this.

But I want to tell you about an event tonight. The carbon in these pipelines is under high pressure. When there is a rupture there is an explosion and then the rapid release of vast amounts of carbon dioxide, which displaces oxygen in the air. People immediately become disorientated. Vehicles stop working because there is not enough oxygen to burn the gas in the engines. The deaths of large numbers of people could occur if such a rupture happened in a highly populated area. First responders become disoriented as well. That is what will be discussed in this webinar.

Such an explosion and those consequences actually happened in Satartia, Mississippi, and will be the discussion of a webinar tonight.

Join us Monday, January 24, for a webinar hosted by Food & Water Watch and the Iowa Chapter of the Sierra Club, featuring stories from first responders and residents of Satartia, Mississippi, site of the 2020 carbon pipeline rupture, moderated by Dan Zegart, the investigative journalist who broke the story nationally in 2021

Event by Food & Water Watch Iowa and Iowa Chapter Sierra Club

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