Eminent domain abuse again

Eminent domain is once again an issue as more pipelines are proposed to go through the state. These are called CO2 or Carbon pipelines. These pipelines should not be built, for many reasons. But the issue today is about the abuse of eminent domain for any reason. There will be an event related to this at the Iowa State Capitol from 12-1 pm.

Today there will be an event at the Iowa State Capitol from 12-1 pm

If you are concerned about the great threat that carbon pipeline projects in Iowa bring to the land and water and the use of eminent domain for private corporate gain, join us at the Iowa State Capitol from 12-1pm!

This is a weekly gathering for folks to meet as well as let lawmakers know that people from all walks of life are standing together, united in saying, “Protect our land and water!” “No eminent domain for private gain!” and “NO CARBON PIPELINES!”

People will gather in the rotunda at 12 noon. All are welcome! Add your voice and make a difference!


Thursday, February 17, I was at the meeting of the Iowa Energy Center Board meeting, where we tried to discuss shutting down MidAmerican’s five coal power plants (https://quakersandreligioussocialism.com/2022/02/18/stopburningcoal/)

At the same time another group of my friends were at the Iowa State Capitol in support of Bill 2160

A coalition of environmentalists and land owners is seeking a meeting with Governor Kim Reynolds, hoping she’ll intervene and block the Iowa Utilities Board from granting eminent domain so carbon pipeline developers can acquire land from reluctant property owners.

Group seeks meeting with governor about carbon pipelines by Kay Henderson, Radio Iowa, FEBRUARY 17, 2022

Unfortunately, the GOP killed the eminent domain bill.

The abuse of eminent domain was one of the reasons a group of us walked and camped for ninety-four miles along the route of the Dakota Access pipeline in 2018, as seen in these photos.


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