Writing a Better Story

Since I write so much, this article/story by Carrie Newcomer caught my attention. I can tell what she says will help me, can help all of us write better stories.

“Something I have learned as a writer is that every single day I wake up with a clean page. Each one of us awaken at the dawn with a pen and open notebook.”

Every day I wake up with a clean page, not knowing what I will write. It is a spiritual practice, listening to discern what to write. And lately I’ve been working on writing by hand, so I do “awaken at the dawn with a pen and open notebook.”

So let us honor the stories that gave us courage and personal grounding, the stories that brought us here, the finest ones the ancestors carried for us until we could carry them ourselves.

Carrie Newcomer

Carrie and I are Quakers. I got to hear her sing and tell stories when she visited our Quaker yearly meeting, Iowa Yearly Meeting (Conservative).

There are Quaker meetings that set aside time for people tell stories of their spiritual journey.

Some years ago, my mother began to gather Quaker stories, which can be found here: https://quakerstories.wordpress.com/


Writing a Better Story

–by Carrie Newcomer, syndicated from carrienewcomer.substack.com, Feb 17, 2022

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