Hearing from Quakers in Kyiv, Ukraine

I recently wrote about support for Quakers in Kyiv, Ukraine, including the peace posters sent from students at Monteverde Friends School in Cosa Rica.

This morning at our meeting of Bear Creek Friends, we approved sending the following message to Quakers in Kyiv and were very relieved to receive the following response from them.

You’re our friends, the best friends on the planet,
those who send kind and deep words.
We are happy to have you with us and believe that God will make a miracle and stop the war.


Quakers Of Kyiv, Ukraine / Квейкери Києва

Welcome to the page of Ukrainian supporters of Quakerism.
Religious Society of Friends is a Protestant Christian church, known for its humanistic orientation, human rights and environmental guidelines, etc.
The Quaker prayer meeting is first and foremost a time of peace. This is an hour free from unnecessary words.
Quakers in the world have different currents. We, the Quakers of Kyiv, belong to the liberal trend without the well-known religious speechifying and lexicon.
Seekers of friendship, peace, truth, and equality are cordially invited to the meeting, following the Spirit’s guidance in affairs, ready for the hour of silent worship.
Details on messenger:
by e-mail: quakers@ukr.net

2 thoughts on “Hearing from Quakers in Kyiv, Ukraine

  1. Wellington, Aotearoa Friends are hosting Sunday Meetings for worship on behalf of the Kyiv Meeting as they do not have the resources to host hour long Zoom sessions or large attendances. The Zoom sessions are scheduled for 9:15 am Ukraine time, 8:15 pm NZ time. (0715 UTC). I understand other Quaker Meetings around the globe are also hosting similar Zoom sessions to suit other time zones

    I Zoomed in to yesterday’s meeting which peaked at around 120 attendees. A moving experience. I’m reluctant to share the Zoom link here, but as there were attendees from many nations and from every continent, and included representatives from FWCC, the link should be available from the usual Quaker sources should Friends wish to attend in upcoming weeks.


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