Seven Weeks of Action for Seven Generations: Week Two!

This is week 2 of Seven Weeks of Action for Seven Generations.
[See week 1 information here]

A fundamental principle of working with those experiencing injustice is to wait for that community to ask you for help. This Seven Weeks campaign is what Indigenous peoples are asking us to do.

National Native American Boarding School Healing Coalition

Join NABS in Week 2 of 7 Weeks of Action for 7 Generations, highlighting the need to pass H.R. 5444, the Truth and Healing Commission on Indian Boarding School Policies Act in the U.S.

Please CALL the Congressional Members listed today and request they bring “H.R. 5444, the Truth and Healing Commission on Indian Boarding School Policies Act” to the floor for a vote in House and Pass H.R. 5444

 #NABS #Time4Justice

NOTE: Please include calls to those who don’t represent your Congressional district. They are making decisions that affect us all.

All of this may be news to you, but for Indigenous people, this report simply confirms painful truths their families have long known. Survivors left these institutions abused, in poor health and without the language and cultural knowledge to connect with the homes they returned to. The way these children were raised in boarding schools — with fear, shame, violence and servitude — was in complete conflict with the way their tribal communities would have raised them; with love, identity and purpose.  

In short, the pain of these survivors is the foundation of modern Indigenous life.  

This federal policy created generations of trauma that tribes continue to navigate as they reclaim everything these institutions tried to destroy. For every language learner, for every heirloom seed planted, for every newborn receiving a traditional name instead of an English one, there are people struggling with trauma, battling addiction and trying desperately to survive a world that doesn’t fit or understand them.  

Guest column: Pain of boarding school survivors is foundation of modern Indigenous life by Portia K. Skenandore-Wheelock, The Oklahoman, July 8, 2022
(FCNL Congressional Advocate, Native American Advocacy Program)

This is a video my friend Rodger Routh made when he joined a few of us when we spoke to Senator Ernst’s staff recently. Besides making the phone calls listed above, you can request a meeting with the local staff of your representatives.

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