FCNL and Seven Weeks of Action for Seven Generations: Week 5

A fundamental principle of justice work is to follow the leadership of those impacted by the injustice. The 7 Weeks of Action for 7 Generations are what Native peoples are asking us to do to help them. This week we are asked to contact US House representatives belonging to the Indigenous Peoples Caucus.

I recently wrote about my friends at the Great Plains Action Society’s (GPAS) Open Letter Campaign: Truth and Healing with Friends. GPAS describes how their supporters can use the Friends Committee on Legislation’s (FCNL) online tools to help people write messages and send them to their representatives. This is a great collaboration between GPAS and FCNL that we can build upon.

Native American Boarding School Healing Coalition

Help us bring justice, accountability, awareness, and healing by telling the unvarnished truth about America’s history and genocide committed against Indigenous Peoples by way of Federal Indian boarding school policies. NABS asks us to please call members of the House’s Indigenous Peoples Caucus and request that they bring forward HR. 5444, the Truth and Healing Commission to the floor for a vote  #NABS #Time4Justice

MSNBC Symone Sanders, Indigenous Peoples Day NABS Interview

Native American Boarding School Healing Coalition

NABS Creative Director Kenrick Escalanti spoke with Symone Sanders of MSNBC today on Indigenous Peoples Day to discus the history of the U.S. Indian Boarding School Policies and what needs to be done to pass House Bill H.R. 5444 and Senate Bill S.2907 the Truth and Healing Commission on Indian Boarding School Policy Act.

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