The real war

There is a lot of analysis regarding the war in Ukraine on this one-year anniversary of its beginning.

I have so many questions.

  • What role did the US and NATO’s increasing militarization of the countries near Russia play?
  • What about the role of increased sanctions against Russia?
  • How is it acceptable to pay Ukraine to fight a proxy war for us?
  • Where will the increasing escalation of armaments the US gives to Ukraine end?
  • In how many ways does tremendous pressure from arms manufacturers control foreign policy?
  • Why is the US President suddenly sounding so belligerent? Not only against Russia, but now China?
  • How can billions upon billions be spent on arming Ukraine at a time when so many in this country and around the world struggle to afford basic necessities?
  • How can we countenance making so many children orphans?

There are things I do know.

  • The Spirit is about peace.
  • War is Not the Answer.
  • All military activities must cease, because that is the main source of pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • The real war, the existential threat, is humanity against Mother Earth.

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