Day 2: First Nation Farmer Climate Unity March

Day 2 Sept 2, 2018 Ankeny – Huxley 9.0 miles

Day 2 Griffieon Farm to Huxley
Day 2 Matthew Lone Bear video
Forum on Agricultural Practices with Lee Tesdell

From the photos below you can see we encountered stormy skies and overflowing creeks. The tipi was erected at most of our stops. And we all participated in smudging with burning sage. Learning about each other.

As would happen often, our planned camping site in Huxley was flooded. Sam became adept at finding alternatives. The Fjeldberg Lutheran Church allowed us to sleep there.

The video by my friend Matthew Lone Bear (see link above) was taken during this day of the March and provides a nice overview of our journey.

Each evening there would be a community discussion. This evening my Scattergood roommate, Lee Tesdell, spoke about progressive agricultural practices he’s using on his farm including a denitrifying bioreactor. The link in the above describes an interesting discussion about agricultural practices today compared to Indigenous methods as described by Sikowis Nobiss.

Lee Tesdell
denitrifying bioreactor

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