First Nation-Farmer Climate Unity March Anniversary

This is the fourth anniversary of the First Nation-Farmer Climate Unity March that occurred September 1-8, 2018.

One of the main goals of the March was to create a community of native and nonnative people who began to get to know and trust each other. I’m in the process of writing about the many things that happened as a result of this March. That is taking a while since so much has happened. While I continue that, I thought I’d review some of what happened during the March.

The First Nation Farmer Climate Unity March website contains extensive stories, photos, and videos.

You can view the Introduction here:

Following are stories about the first night before leaving and the first day of the March.

Regina Tsosie sings at the press conference at the Iowa Utilities Board regarding the improper use of eminent domain for the Dakota Access Pipeline

Rodger Routh video – Ankeny camp

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