Friends Volunteer Service Mission

As I continue to write about my foundational stories, I was reminded of this document that describes the two years I spent in Indianapolis in the early 1970’s at the Friends Volunteer Service Mission.

“Alternative Service During the Vietnam War’ may be confusing to those who know I was a draft resister. At the time I joined the Indianapolis VSM Unit, I was struggling to discern whether I could accept doing alternative service. Joining VSM was a backup plan if I decided to do that

In the end I was led to turn in my draft cards, to resist the draft. And expected to be arrested as a result. But I was finding VSM so rewarding, I remained there for the two-year period.

During this time, the US Supreme Court case of another draft resister affected my situation, so I was not arrested.

Re-reading this fifty years later, the style and thinking seem a bit awkward, but I guess that is part of the story, as well.

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