Peacemaking means stopping carbon capture and pipelines

This morning I wrote about peacemaking. Encouraging Friends, each of us, to take a careful look at our life, and to speak out against the injustice and violence occurring today. To work to fill the spiritual void. But to do that means we have to show up. Be at Cowles Commons tomorrow at 1 pm

Tomorrow is our chance to do this. To speak against the violence of carbon capture, carbon pipelines and the hazardous material they carry. To support Black Lives Matter and Indigenous peoples. To protect our children and future generations. To be peacemakers.

You can see what my friends did today here!

This morning, members of CCI Action and Des Moines BLM disrupted a nationwide carbon capture convention in Des Moines during a panel that featured the 3 companies who want to force their greenwashing scam on America’s heartland– Summit, Navigator, and Wolf. 

When the panel claimed that most Iowans and landowners are in support of their pipelines, seven of us rose up to speak the truth. 

Watch today’s action here!

We’re not done shaking things up yet– we need you to join us tomorrow to give these corporate polluters a proper sendoff! 

Buffalo Rebellion will be holding a rally against false climate solutions tomorrow at 1PM. Sign up here to fight back with us as we tell CO2 pipeline profiteers to pack their bags. 

Here is what the day will look like:

  • 1pm rally at Cowles Commons
  • 1:30pm March to the Iowa Events Center
  • 2:00pm Protest outside as the convention is concluding
  • 3:30 pm Report back to the CCI office for food, refreshments and to debrief

Between disruptions this morning, a panel member representing Summit Carbon Solutions– Bruce Rastetter’s company– had the nerve to tell the crowd that objection to the CO2 pipelines comes from a “small minority.”

We know that’s not true, let’s prove him wrong tomorrow! Join us by RSVPing here.

For people power, Caitlin, Devyn, and Jake
Farming & Environment  

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