FCNL: Reduce the Pentagon Budget

Yesterday’s post (When the government is incapable) was related to news stories that certain Congressional representatives want drastic reductions in social safety net programs. This comes after having approved yet another massive military budget, this year’s is $858 billion.

The Federal budget has always been a priority for the work of Quakers’ lobbyists in Washington, DC, the Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL). Following is a letter FCNL and 58 groups are sending to President Biden, asking for a reduced military budget.

We reject pouring our dollars into outdated ships, malfunctioning planes, or record-breaking contractor CEO salaries while everyday people remain hungry, unhoused, in need of adequate healthcare, or seeking a living wage.

FCNL Joins 58 Groups in Calling on the President to Reduce the Pentagon Budget

Congress Prepares to Pass Another Record Breaking Pentagon Budget

Debt Ceiling Showdown Distracts from Real Opportunities to Realign Federal Spending

Calling for an End to the Military Budget Madness

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